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Make Your Own Napkin Rings With Items You Have At Home!

This is a fun and easy project to do with every day items that you have at home. Feel free to use your imagination and add your own creative touches!

Suggested Supplies: (Don't worry if you don’t have some items)

*Newspaper to keep surface clean

*Cardboard paper towel insert (when you finish a roll of paper towels save the cardboard insert)

*Colored construction paper, white printer paper and/or colored card stock paper

*Paint and paint brushes (watercolor paint, tempera paint (window painting paint) and paper plate

*Cup of water and paper towel

*Scissors, glue, stickers, markers


  1. Put newspaper down to keep surface clean.
  2. Pour tempera paint onto a paper plate in quarter size circles. Dip your brush into water and then paint paper towel insert with tempera paint. You can put your fingers into the center hole to make it easier to paint all the way around. Let dry. 
  3. Another option is to decorate a piece of paper with paints or makers and glue it onto the paper towel holder. Put a strip of glue onto the cardboard insert and then attach it to the paper. Roll the paper around the insert and then glue the end of the paper onto the roll.
  4. Draw large enclosed shapes (at least 2” wide) with a marker onto white or colored paper. Some ideas: flowers, sun, ladybugs, bees, hearts, butterflies or anything else you want! You can then decorate the paper with your paints. Watercolors work best on white or cream paper. Tempera paints work on any colored paper. You can also use makers and stickers to decorate.
  5. Another option is to create your own patterned paper with designs such as polka dots, plaids, or stripes. Once dry you can cut out any shapes you want for the front of your napkin ring. You can personalize with names. Each one can be different! Have fun!!
  6. Once dry, cut the paper towel insert into 1 1/2” sections to make napkin rings. Cut out the shapes you have drawn or painted on paper. Now glue the shapes onto the cut napkin rings. Let dry.
  7. Once dry, have fun setting a pretty table with fun colored napkins placed in your napkin rings and put on your plates! Watch your family smile as they sit down to enjoy your colorful creations!